Outpatient pain relief solution for compression fracture pain

Impact of Compression Fractures
Constant unrelieved pain
    • Loss of daily independence
    • Fear of falling & more fractures
  Patient Benefits of Vertebroplasty
    • Outpatient - no general anesthesia
    • Minimally invasive treatment
    • 75-90% report significant relief

Frequently asked questions about vertebral augmentation

How do spinal compression fractures occur?
  • Most commonly caused by osteoporosis
  • Osteoporosis may go undetected until a bump or fall causes a fracture
  • The constant unrelieved pain can interfere with daily living
  • Nearly half of osteoporosis related fractures are spinal fractures
What is vertebral augmentation?
  • It is a minimally invasive outpatient  procedure to help stabilize the spinal fracture
  • In a Vertebroplasty, acrylic bone cement is slowly injected into the fractured vertebrae
  • The bone cement stabilizes the fracture providing pain relief and additional mobility
  • Pain relief may by immediate or the pain subside over several days after the procedure

Bone Cement injected into fractured vertebrae

How is the Vertebroplasty performed?
  • The procedure can be performed in an outpatient setting at Kern Radiology using products from Care Fusion
  • No General Anesthesia - Local anesthesia and light IV sedation provide comfort to the patient during the procedure
  • Following the procedure, the patient is monitored for several hours or until the doctor determines they are ready to go home
How can I get the procedure done?
  • Call Kern Radiology at 328-6446 to schedule a consult
    visit with a Radiologist.