Overview of Services

Kern Radiology Medical Group, Inc., was founded in January 1968 as Kern Radiology and Nuclear Medical Group, with the intention of providing radiology services to the Bakersfield medical community. Initial services were provided at the "H" Street location, which continued to expand as the practice grew.

In January, 1991, the new facility on Bahamas Drive was completed. This facility was specifically designed to accommodate patient care needs and administrative needs. It consists of approximately 20,000 square feet, with ample patient parking nearby.

Today, the most complex medical diagnostic problems can be addressed quickly, efficiently, and economically in an outpatient setting. This is the future that was previously just a dream. Our services are a culmination of technology and experience with an emphasis on patient care and comfort, bringing cost reduction to healthcare providers, patients and payers. In today's world of specialization, the image is the diagnosis.