MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The MRI provides radiologists with a detailed view of body tissues (such as muscles, tendons, and organs) without the use of radiation. The magnetic field, along with radio waves produce image slices that allow the radiologist to accurately detect and define the differences between healthy or diseased tissue. It is frequently used to diagnose disease or injury within the brain, spine, or arm or leg joints.

Three machines, different uses

Kern Radiology possesses three different MRI machines, one at each of our imaging centers. Each unit is capable of scanning multiple types of exams, but each unit also provides superior images for certain exams. Our radiologists, technologists, and schedulers are informed wheather one MRI unit is best for your exam. Recently, a 3 Tesla MRI was installed at Kern Radiology Riverwalk facility. The more powerful magnets can provide more detailed images and/or faster scan times.

How long will the MRI exam take?
The average would be between 30 and 45 minutes. Some exams will be longer if the physician has ordered the use of an IV contrast agent, which can enhance certain injuries or disease states.
Do I really have to hold still during the MRI exam?
Yes, since each exam is composed of multiple series of images, and each last 3 to 5 minutes in length. Movement during the exam causes “blurred images” that limit what the radiologist can see in the exam.
I am claustrophobic, what can I do?
Our technologists and nurses are trained to help claustrophobic patients get through their MRI exam. Some have medication to help them relax during the exam. In addition, one of our MRI units has a larger opening which makes some patients less anxious during the exam.